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The Dever Academy is a show which is planned to run from 2011 onwards.


The Dever Academy was formed in 2009 by Luke Weaver, Leanne Weaver and Alessandro De Filippo. The idea was by Alessandro, suggesting that him and Luke should host a show with games like Bingo, Blackjack, Rummy and many more on TV and on the DA website. Then Luke and Alessandro had an idea about a news show called ZBC News , and that took over the DA idea. Though Alessandro is planning to carry out the idea, he has to get the staff.

No staff apart from Luke , Leanne , Robert and himself are working on the show, but hopefully during the year 2011 (Or maybe in the New Year), they will have a meeting about actually carrying out the plan. Dever Academy is set at the Lowton Studios and at Television Centre , the plan is hoped to make a big success in the Web Industry.